Monday, November 18, 2013


For this section, I want to illustrate the Bordeaux house breaking apart at the critical point. The critical point here is the midway point between two distinct sections of the house:

The house was originally made for a man in a wheelchair. Koolhaas designed a lift for the man, so as to ease mobility. The right side of the house, dominated by the square of the lift, became a zone easily accessible to the man. The left side, dominated by the cylinder, was restricted to persons who could climb the laborious spiral stair. 

Thus, the design of the house was based on a theory of inclusion and exclusion. I wanted to exaggerate this by having the house split down the middle, with one section on land and the other in water. The section on land is to be seen on fire, due to the destruction at hand. This will further emphasise the polarity between the two sections - disabled/abled, square/circle, fire/water.

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