Sunday, September 15, 2013

Space is the final frontier. Greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation. 

Creating the Drama in the CryEngine editor: 
Creating a body floating in space is made more difficult by the fact that CryEngine uses skymaps to create atmospheres. These work perfectly well with normal levels, where the horizon is obscured by water or land. However, with a floating island, the difference between the skymap and the 512x512 land is very obvious: 

The only way to overcome this situation, was to use a black fog on both the bottom and the top of the game play. This hides the contrast between the top and the bottom. However, it also hides any  skymaps which might have been placed in, so the night sky with the stars is also hidden. Thus, this just leaves a plain black surrounding. 

The effect of 'being in space' was created by scattering floating rocks around the island, to make it appear to be in some sort of asteroid belt. This effect was heightened by adding cloud entities above and below the island (i.e. space dust).

 Olafur Elliason - THE WEATHER PROJECT
The drama of a large, elusive yellow ball is used in my island as a remnant and reminder of Earths collision with the rogue planet. The double-orb created by the Cryengine Editor as it tries to render an object so far away adds further drama to the scene.

The presence of a large floating orb obscured by fog.


To add to the sublime nature of the island, I used Turner's painting as a model for the level of contrast/saturation/gamma for my scene. I also wanted to portray what colour might look like in very thin atmosphere (as might be expected after a planet falls apart). 

Saturation and colour settings edited for a more sublime effect:


I found it very interesting that the original definition of 'the Sublime' in art was strongly tied in with appreciation of nature and natural phenomenon. 

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